What Tony Stands for


education in milford ct race for mayor 2023

Tony takes great pride in being a graduate of the Milford Public School system and has consistently shown unwavering support for our schools. During the 2023-2024 budget deliberations, Tony showed determination in advocating for the restoration of $1.8 million in funding to the Board of Education budget. Recognizing the ongoing growth of our community, Tony is deeply committed to implementing a comprehensive needs assessment plan for Milford Public Schools. This plan aims to ensure that the schools have the necessary resources and adaptability to accommodate fluctuations in student enrollment numbers. By adopting a strategic approach, Tony will ensure fiscally responsible budgeting without compromising the high-quality services and curriculum offered to our students.

Public Safety

public safety in milford ct race for mayor 2023

Tony is dedicated to guaranteeing safety and security of Milford residents, while also striving to maintain the Milford Police and Fire Department’s positions as leaders in their respective agencies with their high ratings among the best in the country. In his role as an Alderman, Tony continually advocates for the Milford Police Department, with a particular focus on establishing a comprehensive, long-term plan. As the Board of Alderman liaison to the Milford Police and Fire Departments, Tony maintains a close collaboration with both department’s leadership to effectively address concerns related to crime prevention, traffic control, and securing the necessary resources and funding. This ensures that we maintain the high standards of each department and the safety of our community.

Sound Budget

Town Challenges

As an advocate for fiscal responsibility, Tony has worked for nearly two decades on the Board of Alderman to safeguard our tax dollars. During each budget cycle, Tony consistently fights for prudent investments in our community, while being mindful of the impact on taxpayers. Tony firmly believes that the sustained success of Milford depends on maintaining low taxes, identifying efficiencies in delivering city services, and fostering growth in the city's grand list. Under Tony's leadership, the City of Milford is poised to become a central hub for economic development and tourism within the New England region.


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Milford proudly boasts the longest shoreline among all Connecticut towns, making it a cherished and esteemed community asset. As a dedicated member of the Board of Aldermen, Tony supports projects, programs, and initiatives aimed at enhancing shoreline resiliency to mitigate the impact of severe storms. Furthermore, Tony tirelessly strives to expand the city's inventory of open spaces. Throughout his tenure on the board, Tony consistently voted in favor of allocating hundreds of acres of open space, as well as implementing improvements to enhance the North Street recreational corridor, Eisenhower Park, Community Gardens, Splash Pad, and Pickleball courts. Tony understands that our environmental resources are more than mere political talking points; they necessitate a strategic approach and ongoing investments in eco-friendly initiatives for the preservation and growth of our natural assets.